Friday, 1 August 2014

Portland and Central Oregon Coast

Portland and the Oregon State have become one of my latest obsessions. We now share a permanent long distance connection. I have always affirmed my worship for the Province where I have lived all my life, British Columbia, Canada, though since my first trip to Portland City I felt the creation of a possible endless catalogue of adventures just for me within the borders of the beaver state. If you’d like, I will share a little of this catalogue and account my latest visit.

Last fall my husband and I purchased our first new car. A 2013 Mazda3 5 door sport bought with specific intention of road trips, camping, and passenger side snacking. I told my husband on this trip that when researching the Mazda I visualised our car on the Oregon coast highways, zoom zooming around each of the bends. We have taken Zooms Z McGee out a fair amount over the short time we have had with him, but the Oregon road trip was by far the most his legs were stretched.

Sun Set I-5 Washington, USA

Our itinerary for the trip was this:
  • Leave from Vancouver Friday Afternoon,
  • Get to Portland as soon as possible (leaving at 4:30 pm, we arrived at 10:30 pm. a 6 hour drive.
  • We would Check in to the Crystal Hotel and spend our night chasing craft brews in the Pearl District and then end our night by an inaugural visit to Voodoo Doughnuts (lucky for us open 24 hours.) 
  • The Next day, Saturday Morning, we would wander around the city. Head to Trader Joe's in Beaverton for camping groceries, and then hope to find a Camp Site for the 1 night we could not reserve.
  • Sunday morning we would drive to the coast and our reserved Camp site at Beverly Beach State Park, Newport, Oregon. Check in, Set up, and Surf. 
  • Spend 2 days at this camp site and on Tuesday morning wake up at 4:30 am and drive along the Oregon Coast at the Sunrise. Getting home in time for my husband's scheduled baseball game.

Driving Trip from Vancouver, BC,Canada to Portland, Or, USA

Day 1 - Friday Night Spent in Pearl District of Portland and The Crystal Hotel.

My Husband and I love visiting McMenamins property. Their venues are pubs, hotels, movie theatres, concert venues, and spas, and they serve an imaginative delicious menu alongside hand crafted beer, wine, spirits and coffee.

The hotel we visited on this night was the Crystal Hotel (map) in the Pearl District of Portland. We stayed in the Little Richard room 303, a Queen European bedroom which means bathrooms at the end of the hall. The hotel is on the National Register for historic places and is decorated in rock and roll themes inspired by the Crystal Ballroom music venue across the street. The room rate for our room was $105 plus 14% Oregon hotel tax.

One of the reasons why I love to visit McMenamins venues is the inspiring vision and labour that can be felt at each site. They have amazing space, food, beer, and amusement.
 “Our goal is to keep the past in the present, to celebrate and connect us all with the people and the events that have helped define each of the McMenamins property.” 

Portland Craft Beer

This night we were successful patrons at 2 out of 4 pubs we tried to attend. Last call is 1:45 am and closing is at 2am for most places.

1) Henry's Tavern

Less than 5min walk from the Crystal hotel on 12th street. Open until 2 am Sat.
This space will draw you in. An aged brewery, the Bar and Grill is located on the Weinhard Brewery Complex opened in 1808. There is an outdoor patio surrounded by brick. Enjoy food and order from a full menu of local brews.
We ate: Chicken Wings and Knocked Back: Craft Beer from Oregon area

Ruby Raspberry Ale and Menu

2) Rogue Distillery and Public House

We made it here too late. Closes at 1am.

3) Ringlers Annex

Trying to get the most out of the night and late night happy hour, we walked back to our Hotel homestead which holds four restaurants and bars. (Zeus Cafe, Ringlers Pub, Ringlers Annex and Al's Den)

4) Sounds like, Water Pig?

After getting last called out of the Ringlers Annex, we searched for a pub open past 2pm. Walking by many service staff just off their shifts hanging out of their respective bars and restaurants we stopped and asked for their advice. We were told just down the street we would find a place called the Water Pig. We did not find this watering whole and we don't think we heard right.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnut on UrbanspoonWhen we couldn't find any more brew pubs that could serve we put the second stage of our night into action. Open 24 hours, the famous, Voodoo Doughnuts. 10 min Walk from Crystal Hotel, down W.Burnside Street (map).

We ate: VOODOO DOZEN. 13 Doughnuts, chosen by the cashier, for $13.

The Assortment of Doughnuts
We sat on one of the picnic tables provided and ate our choice of one doughnut each. Mine turned out to be my favourite. Shown in the picture above, the one on the top shelf with Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch. Honourable mentions: Peanut Butter Chocolate with Rice Krispies, Cotton Candy, and Oreo. I will be going back for a crueller, as we missed out on one of these.
Take Away - 11 doughnuts for the rest of our road trip. Our Room at the Crystal Hotel

What was left over the morning of Day 2

Day 2 to be continued in another post...

For another perspective on this same trip, visit my husband`s account here.

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